The fundamentals of improv—listening, accepting, and responding in character—are perfect tools to improve acting performance. Our Improv for Actors workshops offer an exploration of the principles of improv and how they can help improve acting and audition skills. In Level 1 we take an in depth look at the foundation of improv performance, “Yes, and…”, and learn how it can help develop active listening, focused attention, and decision making. In Level 2 we use improv technique to work on character building, emotional choices, and commitment to given circumstances. Each level is offered as a single full-day intensive.


This improv class is fun and informative. It teaches us to learn to play, live in the moment and interact with each other in scenes / exercises. It has also helped me tremendously in my acting classes. Going from just memorizing & saying lines to feeling them & being more “real” , being more conversational.

Brian - Improv for Actors Graduate

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