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Improv for Everyone!

Improv is a powerful force for good.

The fundamental principles of improv teach us to trust our own voice, respect other people's ideas, and be mindful and attentive—invaluable skills for a healthy life. Our workshops and classes offer fun, effective, and safe ways to learn improv whether you're a terrified beginner or a performance wizard. Click around and see what works for you, or get in touch and let's figure it out together. Improv really is for everyone. Even you!

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I highly recommend bringing David in for improv & team building - it was an awesome activity for our organization to do together that made us closer while having a blast!

Caroline Lutkewitte

Operations Manager, Camelback Ventures

David is a fantastic improviser and instructor. He pulls from years of experience as both a performer and teacher. His workshops are full of information and exercises. He keeps the classes running on time and his communication skills are excellent. He takes time to explain what we will be doing in class and why it is helpful. I highly recommend taking a class with David and Anubis Improv.

Jonathan Evans

Very Productive Productions

Improv workshops with David are an exciting experience!  David guides you through fun exercises, getting you out of your comfort zone in a friendly and professional manner.  I always look forward to our annual workshop and invite my friends to participate. I believe that everyone can benefit from it.

Larissa Muetzel

QuickBooks ProAdvisor, YLC Toastmasters

We get to work with great facilitators such as David Hamilton, our improv guru, and someone who I have a bias towards but to be fair, always receives 5-star ratings from Fellows

Aaron T. Walker

Founder and CEO, Camelback Ventures