Improv is an art form that relies on confidence, clear communication, and collaboration—skills at the heart of every great business. Team building workshops with Anubis Improv will help hone these skills with fun exercises that incorporate mindfulness and creativity to create tangible results for your organization.

What does all of that actually mean?!

Good question. It means that we'll talk through what your team is trying to accomplish and design a workshop that uses improv exercises to build skills in those areas of focus. The exercises don't require any performance or comedic experience (thank heavens), and everyone will be able to participate at the same time. Not for nothing, the workshops are also super fun and you and your coworkers will leave having had an enjoyable time together—imagine that! Workshops range from 2-hour quick hits to multi-day training programs. Prices vary based on the size and length of the workshop, but we will work within your budget to make sure you get what you deserve. Not in a threatening way; in a positive, you deserve to have fun doing team building exercises way. Shoot us an email,, and we'll help make sure you get congratulated for bringing in this innovative, effective team building activity. You brilliant person, you.
"Improv is intimidating for many people, much less with a group of strangers that you're trying to make a good impression with! However, when done well, it can be a phenomenal experience that brings people closer by laughing and learning together. David is a great teacher, conscious of making sure no one's left out, that everyone's comfortable, and that people are celebrated. We've worked with David for years now, and he's a consistently kind, funny, and thoughtful educator."

Amanda Tien

Former Director of Creative & Marketing, Camelback Ventures

For Entrepreneurs:

We have a series of workshops designed for co-working spaces to help groups of entrepreneurs learn and utilize the fundamentals of improv to help spark creativity, communicate effectively, and work with others to achieve success. If you're working at a space that does not yet offer improv workshops, TELL THEM TO GET ON IT. If you'd like to put together a workshop for your team, get in touch, we have something for everyone.