Improvised creativity comes so naturally to us as children, but we often lose sight of its value as adults. Improv comedy training can help us begin to once again work out those creative "muscles", leading to more confident social interactions, stronger professional and personal relationships, and a regular outlet for joy in our lives.

Drawing from nine years and thousands of hours of teaching and coaching experience, our four-level long-form comedic improv curriculum is designed to inspire compelling, character driven scene work. Each level is eight weeks long, culminating in a showcase show in front of a live audience.


I had such an awesome time in Improv level 1 class with Dave Hamilton! Everyone in class is so much fun! And its awesome to just be in a space with a group of HAPPINESS!!!! Improv has definitely boosted my confidence!

Janet - Improv for Actors Graduate

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NOLA Workshop Series Adrienne Insta

Take Action! Improv in Motion with Adrienne Bruno

Sunday, February 18th from 12-2p at Anubis Improv.

Anubis Improv's Workshop Series continues with this amazing offering from an incredible performer and friend, Adrienne Bruno.

In this workshop, students will gain better control and awareness of their physical presence onstage and learn how to utilize movement, gesture, and awareness to enhance their improv skills. As improvisors, we can use intentional movement to experience more confidence and improve our overall stage presence. Through a series of creative exercises and discussion, participants will improve their spontaneity, creativity and communication. Join us as we push out of our comfort zones and MOVE in a fun and comfortable environment.

We will cover how to:

-Use your body as a sharpened tool for improv

-Get in touch with your own mind/body connection and unique physicality

-Embody characters physically with the whole body including how they stand, walk, sit, breathe etc.

-Learn to use physical movement as a catalyst/inspiration to start a scene

-Explore space and surroundings fully when onstage in a scene

-Create a comprehensive physical warm up routine to help keep the body sharp, flexible, and strong

Be ready to move your bodies, laugh and enjoy! All backgrounds and abilities welcome!

Adrienne Bruno is a writer, teacher and improviser from New Orleans. Her background in screenwriting led her to an improv 101 class recommended by her writing professor. She fell in love with improv, and adopted the form as a practice for flexing and enhancing all of her creative pursuits.

She currently teaches in Mandeville and performs around New Orleans with several indie teams and writes and performs with her sketch troupe, Friendo. She lives in Covington with her daughter, Poppy and poodle, Chewie, and still can't believe her luck that writing monster movies somehow led her to this wonderful improv community.

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New Orleans Workshop Series Rich Talarico Insta Post

Comedy Writing for Stage and TV with Rich Talarico

Mondays, March 11th, 18th, & 25th from 6-9p via Zoom.

Anubis Improv's Workshop Series continues with this shockingly cool 3-week online crash course from one of the most relevant comedy writers working today.

Rich shares insights and writing techniques from his 20+ years in late night TV (SNL, MADtv, Key & Peele, The Tonight Show) and from having written five resident company shows for Second City in Chicago. Students will learn how to write jokes, how to write blackouts, how to brainstorm and pitch their ideas and how to outline a scene/story-structure. How to tell a story and how to come up with endings.

Rich Talarico is a Peabody® award winner who boasts four Emmy® nominations, and four Writers Guild award noms.

Rich is an actor, comedian, improviser and established writer/producer best known for his work on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele. Rich wrote K&P favorites Substitute Teacher, Racist Zombies, Karim and Jahar, Hatz, Teaching Center, Obama Greets, Black Ice and many more. Rich wrote and produced on MADtv, The Tonight Show w. Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live, and the critically acclaimed, Review.

Rich took his first improv class from Stephen Colbert at Chicago’s Second City. Rich went on to tour with SC’s National Touring Company and later co-created five original sketch comedy revues with SC’s Etc., and Main Stage Companies. While in Chicago, Rich was a performer and teacher at Improv Olympic (Now iO) under the direction of Charna Halpern and the late, Del Close. Rich played on the Improv Olympic house teams “Mr. Blonde” and “Faulty Wiring” – while co-creating long-form improv shows like “Strap Heads,” “Trio,” “Close Quarters,” and “Dasariski.”

As an actor, Rich has appeared in featured roles on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, MADtv, the feature film High Fidelity, and A&W Root Beer’s classic TV ad, “Mr. Dumass.” Talarico’s extensive experience in the comedy industry has made him a sought-after teacher, writer and consultant.

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Curriculum Overview:


Improv Level 1

In the first of four levels in our long-form improv curriculum, we will use the Formula of Improv to teach compelling, character driven, long-form improv scene work. We introduce the fundamental concepts of "Yes, and...", "If this, then what", structure/filter, and more!

Improv Level 2

Level 2 will take the fundamental lessons from Level 1 and expand on them to take your scenes from good to great. We look at scene dynamics, joyful discovery, specificity, and multiple person scenes.
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Improv Level 3

Level 3 will focus on pattern, game, and introduce the use of devices. Students will learn how to support their teammates with Tag Outs, Walk Ons, and Cut Tos.

Improv Level 4

Level 4 will work on the ensemble and how to get the most from every performance. We look at individual strengths and weaknesses, mindfulness, and callbacks through extensive scene notes and discussion.