Improv works a broad range of skills, often simultaneously. Using improv techniques developed through years of teaching and coaching, we’ll lead your group in a series of exercises designed to expand the way you think about business—leaving you and your team prepared for just about anything. Workshops with Anubis Improv can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization, with exercises ranging in length, difficulty, and focus.

Key areas include:

At its best, improv is performed in a mindful state of awareness, where performers are discovering details of the scene instead of inventing them. This awareness incorporates concentrated listening with a presentness that conveys respect and limits miscommunication—crucial practices for a more thoughtful and focused business life.

The fundamental principle of improv is Yes, And…, a concept that demands performers work together to build a scene from nothing. Working well with coworkers and clients is often the difference between a project’s success and failure.

How do improvisers seem to know what their scene partner is thinking? Clear, intentional communication allows scenes to move forward, keeps us from contradicting each other on stage, and makes clear to the audience what is happening. In business ventures, avoiding miscommunication and successfully conveying expectations and responsibilities are top priorities.

Improv demands confidence. An audience will never believe that you’re standing on Mars in floaties and a bathing suit with Tom Hanks if you don’t. From the most mundane detail of a character to the most absurd location, improvisers must confidently live with the choices they make. That same confidence can help salespeople close sales, leaders inspire their team, and employees feel empowered by their choices.